LINGUACULTURE is a peer-reviewed academic journal run by the Linguaculture Centre for (Inter)cultural and (Inter)lingual Research affiliated to the Department of English at the Faculty of Letters, Alexandru Ioan Cuza University of Iași, and published under the aegis of Alexandru Ioan Cuza University Press

Our intention is to provide an appropriate platform for presenting, discussing and disseminating new concepts, theories and research findings related to Anglistics in general and a broad spectrum of topics, such as

  • linguistics
  • literary theory and criticism
  • cultural anthropology
  • translation studies
  • theatre and film studies
  • language learning and teaching, etc.

Contributors are encouraged to explore these various aspects in theory and practice and transcend traditional boundaries by interdisciplinary collaboration. This also involves the exploration of transcultural phenomena, redefined in such terms as linguistic and cultural identity, diversity, intercultural dynamism, cultural and linguistic translation, rewriting, hybridization, creolization, diaspora and virtual community.

Addressing both specialists and doctoral students, the journal is publishes both thematic and miscellaneous issues.

LINGUACULTURE is published biannually, with new issues coming up each June and December.